Are you a new bride-to-be?  Here is some information about bridal registry at Nest Feathers...


When should I register?

We suggest that you register about one month before your first shower, then "refresh" your registry closer to your wedding date.  Why "refresh"?  Because most gifts are bought just days before a shower or wedding, and you want to make sure that selections you made earlier are still available for purchase.  Plus, we are constantly receiving new items that you may want to add to your registry. 


What do I register for?

Chances are you'll be doing some redecorating after your wedding, and you'll need to find things that you both like.  Items like lamps, candlesticks, vases, decorative bowls and artwork add style and personality to your home, and will mean even more if they're given to you by the people you love.  Register for your favorites, and what you don't receive as gifts, you can always pick up for yourselves at a discount after the wedding.


Don't forget about holiday accents!  Collecting holiday items usually isn't a priority when you're single.  But once you're married, you may find yourself playing hosts to your newly blended family - and you're going to want to do it in style.  By thinking ahead, you can have a beautiful start to a holiday collection that will warm your heart and decorate your home for years to come.


How many gifts should I register for?  I don't want to appear greedy or demanding.

Always register for more than you think you'll receive.  Typically, figure two or three items per guest.  That allows people to choose, instead of locking them into something they don't enjoy buying, or worse, forcing them to guess what else you might like.

Nest Feathers offers a 10% discount on those items you registered for but didn't receive.  We will also retain your registry information for at least 12 months after the wedding.  You may find it's best to register for everything that you plan to buy, even if you don't expect to get it as a gift; you can later purchase your selections for 10% off.  Many brides also find friends and family checking registries for gift buying ideas for birthdays and other holidays!


What price range should I stick to when selecting items?

Register for the items you really want or need, without worrying too much about the price.  Some guests enjoy picking up several gifts in the low price range, while others will group together to purchase bigger-ticket items.


How do I get started?

Either give us a call or come on by!  And please bring an engagement picture, so that we can display it with your selections

Nest Feathers welcomes wedding registries!  


We offer free gift wrapping, and are also happy to deliver to local showers and weddings.  


Wedding Registries


Ashtyn McAda & Zach Goodwin, June 5, 2021

Jessica Vrana & Marshall McFadden, July 3, 2021

Marissa Muckleroy & Sheldon Hudson, December 18, 2021


We welcome phone in purchases for shower & wedding gifts.

Simply call us at (830) 569-1182, and we'll take care of the rest!

Gift certificates available. 


Ashtyn McAda & Zach Goodwin

Nest Feathers welcomes the Bridal Registry of  Ashtyn McAda & Zach Goodwin.  Celebrate their June 5, 2021 Wedding with a special gift from their registry. Remember . .  gift wrapping is FREE and phone in orders are welcome.
Jessica Vrana & Marshall McFadden

Nest Feathers welcomes the Bridal Registry of  Jessica Vrana & Marshall McFadden.  Celebrate their July 3, 2021 Wedding with a special gift from their registry. Remember . .  gift wrapping is FREE and phone in orders are welcome.
Marissa Muckleroy & Sheldon Hudson

Nest Feathers welcomes the Bridal Registry of  Marissa Muckleroy & Sheldon Hudson.  Celebrate their December 18, 2021 Wedding with a special gift from their registry. Remember . .  gift wrapping is FREE and phone in orders are welcome.